Cake Star Competition idea was born in 2019 by Funda Akay the founder of BYBORA Sugar Paste. As she is also a pastry chef and cake designer, she was thinking to make a platform of an international online competition. The main idea is to give chance to all cake lovers from all over the world to have a chance to show their talent to everyone. Sometimes it is really difficult to attend to the existing cake show taking places in different countries. With Cake Star online competitions you can prepare your entry from your home or from your shop or anywhere else. You will have all the comfort without spending extra money to go to another country or in your country from a city to city.

Once you done you have chance to evaluated with the greatest judging panel of all competitions and get detailed feedback from prestigious judges to improve your skills. All operations prepared professionally and organized by a professional team of Cake Star competition.

We also believe that great artist are like diamonds and sometimes you have to look deeper in everywhere to locate them. With our online competition hundreds of cake artists from different parts of the world signs up and compete but of course you are all Cake Stars.

Cake Star competitions try to reach to everyone and try to support all the cake lovers around the world as much as we can.

With growing year by year, each competition showcase great talents around the world and will continue to find the CAKE STAR s from all around the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Join Us and Embark on New Achievements in the Cake World.

No matter where in the world or at what level you are talented, showcase your talent on an international platform and meet cake artists from different parts of the world online. Prepare your entries with the opportunity to work from your home or workplace, without stress, in an environment where you feel most comfortable, and present your entries to the evaluation of our esteemed jury members.

Trusted by the world’s greatest talents as being a judge:

Our Values.

Our priority is to organize the competition with max performance and trust.

Competitors first

To give them a trusted platform


To support the industry


All operations can be observed by the judges


professionally operating