What is the difference between Country competitions and International competition ?

CAKE STAR is always try to reach all the cake artists all around the world.

The Cake Star is organizing  international competition since 2019 and reaching to the thousands of cake artists. The main target is to reach all cake artist in every country and give them a chance to be presented on an international platfrom. With this idea in 2022 we created the Country competitions.

Main difference is;

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Country competitions are unique for that specific country. For each country where we have Cake Star Country Competition, competitors can only be from the citizens of that country or if they are a citizen but living in a different country. Judges are also chosen from that country who they know the local dynamics of the sector in their country. Categories are different in each country which are chosen by the most popular trends of cake decorating of that country too.

Cake Star International is open to everyone from all countries around the world with global judges from different countries.

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