How judges evaluate my entry ?

Cake Star International has blind judging system for the competition. Judges never know which entry is belong to who.

We have a private Judges website special for judges.

In this section we will try to explain how the judging process done.

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Starting for the evaluation of entries.

Once the competition ends, all the entries controlled by our staff and uploaded to private judging website for each category. Then website details send to the judges to start for evaluating.

Lets start,

Once the judges go the to site judges see the details of how to access their categories.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Each category judge choses his/her category to access the entries.

Photo 3

Photo 4

When they chose the category they reached to password protected page. Each category password is different and send to category judges separatly.

Photo 5

They reach to their own judging category entries. After a brief explanation on the page now they are able to start judging the entries.

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Finally judges reaches to the entries.

Photo 9

Once the judge clicks the competitor 1 the page directs to competitor 1 page to start evaluating.

Photo 10

In this page judges see 6 photos and a video. Non of the photos contains any mark or photo of competitor.

Photo 11

Photo 12

While evaluating judges write all the scores and feedback  to a special excel sheet without any competitor name.

Photo 13

Photo 14

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and process continues until the final competitor. Once the judges finalize the judging they send these excel sheets to Cake Star for total calculations to find out the finalists. Same Process is also applied for the global challange for the second judging but this time remaining judges only see the finished entry alone for WOW scoring of general impression to find out the Cake Stars of each Category.

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