How will the competition be ?

We bring you the best combination of competing locally and globally in one competition.

A 2 Stage competition

Once you sign up for Cake Star International competition, that means you sign up for two competition.

Step 1 finding the Finalists

“In the first part of the competition, scoring will be made by the Judges belonging to that category in each of all categories. The competitor who have the highest score from a country, from any category will be qualified to become a finalist in its own country of that category.”

Step 2 finding the Cake Stars

“In the second part of the competition which is the GLOBAL CHALLANGE, all category finalists of each country, will be evaluated by rest of the Judges through WOW scores. Finally, the finalists with the highest score by adding their technical points and WOW points will be declared the CAKE STAR of their categories.”

For better understanding the process lets go through examples.

Searching Books

Step 1

In this first step of the competition we are going to find the finalist.

Lets Say In Our ” X ” Category We Have Competitors From 3 Different Country.

In this category we have 4 category judge to evaluate you entry for technical scores. These criterias are general impression, presentation and display, creativity, degree of difficulty and execution of techniques. Each criteria can be max 20 points from each judge. Each competitor can get 100 point from one judge and your max point can be 400 max in total from 4 judges,

Lets start,

As you can see from the excel sheet

competitor 1 and competitor 2 from Country 1;

competitor 3, competitor 4 and competitor 5 is from country 2

competitor 6 is from country 3

Photo 1

After we receive the scores from our category judges all the scores written on the excel sheet and calculated. As you can see competitor 1 have the highest score in his/her country among the competitor 2 and selected as finalist of category “X” from country 1.

From country 2, competitor 4 have the highest score among the competitor 3 and competitor 5 and selected as finalist,

From Country 3 there is only one competitor and automatically chosen finalist of country 3

Photo 2

We have the finalists of each category from all countries. Now its time to find the Cake Stars.

Searching Books

Step 2

In the second step of judging we will see how the Cake Starts are chosen.

In the second step of judging we will see how the Cake Starts are chosen.

As In Our Example Competition We Have 3 Finalists From 3 Country.

Now they will be evaluated by all the judges except this category judges who are already evaluate the entries. The remaining judges will score the entry of the finalist in general impression with overall 100 points.

Lets start,

As in our example selected 3 finalists from 3 country is evaluated by the remaining judges with overall WOW score and all the score written to the excel sheet.

Photo 3

And finally technical score and wow scores added and TOTAL points gives us the CAKE STAR of category “X”

Photo 4

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See the available certificates

Attention please.

In our Competition Finalists are the Highest Scores and the awarded With FINALIST CERTICATE.

As in our example competitor 2 is the second highest score in his/her country and awarded ad GOLD STAR CERTIFICATE of country 1.

Competitor 5 is the highest score after the finalist in his/her country  and awarded with GOLD STAR CERTIFICATE of country 2.

and finally competitor 3 is the highest score after the GOLD STAR CERTIFICATE competitor 5 and awarded with SILVER STAR CERTIFICATE of country 2.


COUNTRY STAR CERTIFICATE is given to all remaining competitors after GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE STAR CERTIFICATES

details can be found on which certificates available topic  on FAQs page

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