What is important while shooting the best photos for the competition?

This is an online competition which means that your photos are  the only thing important after your great works. Once you finish your work if you did not shoot goods photos our Judges will only see what you send to us. So becarefull take your time and dont worry about your camera megapixels or how latest technology it is.

We try to give you some hints and samples below.


Quality of the light means quality of your photograph. There are different types of lights for photography.  Soft, harsh, warm, and many more normally your camera can do all arrangements maybe but  what is more important is your satisfaction. So take  more then choose the best one.

Photo ©  Carlos Alberta Rocha / BRAZIL


Detail is fundamental in your photos. Showing all the story about your work. Try to get good photos of details, so judges to see the all details while their judging . This will be new for this year to send more detailed photos. These tiny details will affect your technical points.

Photo ©  Carlos Alberta Rocha / BRAZIL


Choose the best background for your piece for final photo. Make it visible by all means. A clean background is much better the colorful or curtain style background. Use a solid color which shows your work clearly.

Photo ©  Carlos Alberta Rocha / BRAZIL


Catch all the details with a video of 1 minute max. Take the details and general with slow moves. Dont rush let judges to see all details.

Video ©  Carlos Alberta Rocha / BRAZIL